Project Users


DOLPHIN contributes to the definition of common EU Maritime Surveillance needs by federating a wide community of users from the three policy areas (Border Surveillance, Traffic Safety and Fisheries Control). The DOLPHIN project has set up a dedicated organisational entity in the User Advisory Board (UAB) for this purpose.

The UAB shall be comprised of relevant users external to the consortium representing different Member States, who will be requested to support and provide independent high-level guidance to the activities of the DOLPHIN project. The UAB will represent user interests within the Consortium, participate in annual reviews, and provide an independent summary of users’ needs and priorities for service evolution.

In addition, the UAB will assist the Consortium in staying informed about relevant initiatives and developments in policy and of progress in related fields of science, and facilitate international and cross-disciplinary contacts between programmes and projects.

The categories of relevant user organisations are presented in the table below. Despite the fact that all Users may be interested in all the Policy Areas, the table below reports the main interests expressed towards DOLPHIN’s policy areas: 

User organisations

Policy areas
  Border Surveillance Traffic Safety Fisheries Control
   EU entities x x x
   Law Enforcement Agencies x x x
   Coast Guards   x x
   Navies x    
   National Research Organisations     x
   National Ministries x x x
   Port Authorities and Coastal Administrations x x x