This section is dedicated to publications associated with the DOLPHIN project. Publications are grouped into the categories listed below.  

Articles related to Copernicus Maritime Surveillance

The publication "Window on GMES" is a professional journal-like magazine designed to raise awareness of, and support for the Copernicus programme amongst policymakers and influential stakeholders. Three issues have been published under the BOSS4GMES project and full versions are available here (simple registration required). The following are articles taken from Window on GMES with a specific focus on Martime Surveillance topics. 

Experiment demonstrates the potential of GMES Security services to contribute to the fight against drug trafficking in the Caribbean (Window on GMES, Issue 3)


Canadian coast guard use GMES services to enhance the effectiveness of Search and Rescue at sea (Window on GMES, Issue 2)


Below is a one-page piece on DOLPHIN, published in a special Space edition of the Parliament Magazine (7th November 2011). The magazine can be viewed in digital format at the Parliament Magazine website (the DOLPHIN article is on page 86).

This publication is distributed to members of the European Commission, the Council and the Committee of the Regions. The special issue was also distributed to in the European Parliament to delegates attending the conference: “A European Space Policy For Citizens and Society” which took place on the 8 and 9th of November 2011.

Article on DOLPHIN in Parliament Magazine (