DOLPHIN: New capabilities for safer seas

DOLPHIN is an EU Copernicus research and development project which aims to improve space-based maritime surveillance techniques in order to support activities in the areas of Border Surveillance, Traffic Safety and Fisheries Control

The DOLPHIN project will identify and develop new capabilities which cannot be fulfilled by currently available technology and space-based assets, such as:

  • detecting very small and/or fast boats such as those used for drug smuggling;
  • reconstructing a ship’s route, to determine its point of origin, or points of transition;
  • monitoring a ship’s route, by means of forward tracking techniques;
  • reliably discriminating between small and large boats, in order to detect rendezvous;
  • detecting and classifying objects other than ships, such as icebergs.








DOLPHIN stands for "Development of Pre-operational Services for Highly Innovative Maritime Surveillance Capabilities".